We have built our great reputation on wedding celebrations. You will not find a more professional, knowledgeable or helpful company to assist in the creation of the perfect wedding day. We offer every client a variety of service options, but wedding celebrations are very different and very special. Wedding celebrations are the most important events we get to assist with and we take that responsibility very seriously. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you and your family and everything must not only be planned well, but executed even better.

Every bride deserves the best wedding day possible. And no wedding day should ever be compared apples to apples with any other wedding day. Each should be unique and memorable. Don't let someone cookie cut this most blessed of occasions. Whether it's a rehearsal dinner, ceremony or reception, we can provide services to ensure a smooth and less stressful celebration.

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We divide our services into three categories and these are constant for every couple. Let's explore a reception.


We have yet to meet a professional bride. We can't expect you to know everything there is to know about planning a wedding reception. So our first job is to help build a bridge of communication so that you can share your dreams with us and we can help make tangible details from them. We assist each couple in planning their reception in fine detail well before the wedding date. During our planning, we will break down the reception into small pieces and tackle those, not the whole event at once. We can offer a large variety of options and possibilities that will help you fine tune and customize your special day.

Event Direction:

Once a plan is made, how do you make sure everything goes well? Our staff serves as Reception Director. We will take the plan make sure that all of your goals are being met during the celebration. We also work as team leader for the vendors present and always make sure that we all ready for the next opportunity. We better accomplish this by working as a two-person team. You will have a designated DJ who is charge of the music and atmosphere and every given moment and a Director/MC who will be your spokesperson and oversee the celebration.


As primarily an Disc Jockey based company, we have a music library that has been constantly growing for 40 years. Our primary audio rig is fully computerized and very elegant as to not take away from your decor. Our staff is trained from the beginning how to select and mix music for a wide variety crowd. Everyone at your celebration can be happy and comfortable, but it doesn't happen by accident. Each song is chosen to facilitate a certain job to positively advance your reception another 3.5 minutes. The perfect atmosphere is the foundation of a perfect celebration. Let us schedule a No-Cost Consultation with you to listen to your dreams and discuss how we can make your emotions come to life!

You want everything to be perfect: the perfect dress, the perfect atmosphere, the perfect memories. Perfection is what you strive for, so make sure you choose carefully the people responsible for your day.

Wedding Receptions vary widely in form and purpose. Your wedding day should be a reflection on you; your dreams, desires, and personality. Don’t leave your wedding day to be dictated by bridal magazines, television shows, or the internet. This blessed day is one of a kind, so plan it as such.

Music is a very powerful influence on the human condition. Certain styles and arrangements of music set the necessary tone of your celebration at the right time. Each of us is moved by music in different ways. The ability to affect people in a positive manner, collectively, is an art. Music, Atmosphere and Overall Flow, good or bad, will have more influence on the outcome of your reception than any other contributing factor.

National studies show that at a reception, your entertainment will be responsible for at least 75% of the success or the failure of your celebration. Although you have other elements such as the reception facility, caterer, photographer, videographer, etc, working the same function, your entertainment will be the most moving, common thread of your reception.

The overall feelings, emotions, and primary memories from your reception will be made to last by how entertained your guests are and the atmosphere created and maintained by it. From music selections and announcements to crowd interactions and personality, all facets of the entertainer are experienced by everyone in attendance. One of our brides coined a great descriptive phrase regarding our services, “The heartbeat of our reception.”

Be wary of a cheap, inexperienced, unprofessional entertainer upon whose shoulders rest a large part of your wedding day. Remember, the entertainment you choose must always advance and progress your reception in every way.

West Texas offers a large variety of entertainment options. When choosing the type of entertainment for your event, the best entertainment is whatever will be best for you. Explanation? Before you choose the type of entertainment, you must consider what each can offer for your wedding day. Then, you can better determine what each individual entertainer can offer.


Generally speaking for this area, popular music bands have been a longtime favorite for wedding receptions. Maybe you need a string quartet or a 7-piece Jazz band; maybe you need a pianist or a country music band. Be sure to consider your options. Bands offer a “live performance” appeal and usually create an important look because of the amount of room they take up; i.e., needing a stage, having a large number of musicians, etc. A band/ ensemble may constitute more of a party atmosphere, and a great band will be able to play music, entertain, and make a few announcements.

The downsides to a band are: lack of musical styles and/or material, inappropriate music selections for a reception, the fact that musicians have to take breaks, (in some instances) alcohol intake, volume levels too loud for many local reception halls, and the amount of space/power required. We can also help you find some great musicians if live music is your desire.

Disc Jockeys:

DJs began popping up in the early 1970’s as an alternative to a band. They would spin records with a small sound system for personal parties and until about ten years ago, DJs were nothing more than cheap music. Since then, the Professional Mobile Disc Jockey Industry was born and has thrived.

Modern day Professional Mobile DJs do more than just play pre-recorded music at a reception. They are Masters of Ceremony, Reception Directors, Reception Planners, Entertainment Specialists, Music Hosts, and Event Consultants. For a wedding reception, Professional DJs will assist in the general and detail planning of your successful wedding event. They will conduct themselves as professional business people and keep your best interests in mind and at heart.

Be cautious when dealing with a less-than-professional DJ. A cheap price will never balance out a ruined event. Also, DJ’s are not created equal. A Club DJ differs from a Radio DJ who differs from a Mobile DJ. It takes different talents and skills to for each type of DJ. Education is the key to knowing what to expect. Always ask good questions and never assume the DJ you are speaking with will automatically care about your event.

Professional DJs have a wide selection of musical styles and choices, professional equipment, a solid background of experience and expertise, and a strong sense of ethics and character. They also run an entertainment business, not a hobby. There are only a handful of Professional Mobile DJs in this area. Again, be sure to examine all of your options. Researching and choosing your entertainment can be one of the most fun parts of the planning process. Start early and let each encounter educate you further.

As with all of your other wedding planning avenues, choose quality people who care about you, will be great to work with, and work well with each other.

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