Pricing is something we are very particular about. Our industry has done a great disservice in training the public that all Disc Jockeys are created equal, therefore price and availability should be the only issues. We provide a service that should be defined by value. Many entertainment companies will quote a price and then the conversation is done as if they have only one way of approaching a celebration and that one way is good enough for every client and every circumstance.

We at eMotion Entertainment want to hear what your needs are. We want you to paint us a picture of your perfect event. We want to know what are the most important things that we can offer you so that our services match your needs and desires for your special celebration. Instead of having a set cost per hour or package deal, we offer a customized price quote to each potential client, separately, based upon specific celebration details and desires. By scheduling a No-Cost Consultation with one of our professionals you are guaranteed to have someone listen to your ideas and give you professional feedback regarding our service options and your celebration. Afterwards, you receive our service quote with your perfect celebration in mind and confidence that we understand your needs.

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