Corporate Events

Corporate celebrations tend to be a stressful undertaking for the chosen planners. Many times the planners are employees who are doing their regular job assignments plus event planning. Even if they were well versed in event planning and entertainment, it is hard to squeeze the time in to do it well. We have assisted many companies with holiday parties, picnics, family days, casino parties, client appreciation events, etc. Each company is unique in its needs and diversity. Each type of function has its special circumstances and opportunities. Including our basic services, we can help a company develop ideas to match up goals and criteria, but also offer options that may be specific to your venue, prizes or program. Allow us a No-Cost Consultation to give you idea of what specific services and ideas we can offer your company.

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Coprorate Parties
Professional DJ Disc Jockeys
Lighting Design and Setup

School Events

Most of the school functions we assist with are more formal types of events. When planning a prom or winter formal, it is not uncommon for the planners to put a great deal of attention and funds into decoration. Although an important attribute, many overlook that without music Prom doesn't exist. Great entertainment can make a good plan, great. Poor entertainment can make a great plan average or worse. An entertainment company is not just music it's experience, expertise and understanding. We discuss goals and opportunities to better fine tune our job for each individual client; finding common ground that satisfies both the students needs and those of the adults. Our services may include a special audio setup, special lighting, live video, casino packages, or even a dance crew. eMotion Entertainment travels throughout Texas serving our clients. Please contact us for more information.

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School Proms and Music
School Dances
Special lighting, sound, casino packages, and more

Other Celebrations

Class Reunions

Make your memories great with eMotion Entertainment! We work with each reunion coordinator to plan the perfect soundtrack to bring back those old memories and nostalgic moments. We can MC your prizes, awards, and recognitions to lesson the burden on you. Consider special add-ons like year-specific karaoke and dance floor lighting!

Street Dances, Carnivals, and Pep Rallies

What a great way to spark community activity and pride! Whether it's a seasonal street dance, carnival, homecoming pep rally, or dedication celebration we can help turn your event into a celebration!

Life Celebrations, Graduation, Birthdays, and Anniversary Parties

We can enhance any private life celebration and assist you in creating a great plan for a great milestone! Making each celebration special is our goal.

Karaoke Parties

We love giving people the confidence to stand up and have their 4 minutes of fame, even if it's just between close friends! Several karaoke options are available to make you celebration one to remember.

Karaoke Parties

Since day one, eMotion Entertainment has helped non-profit organizations to get the most from their events through entertainment planning, event direction, and entertainment. We have many creative and fun tools at our disposal to bring your event to the next level. Let us assist you in planning a great fundraiser!

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